Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference Weekend!

Oh how I LOVE general conference weekend. I am always so sad when the Prophet says his closing remarks on Sunday afternoon....but d/t wonderful technology I can already re-listen to the talks and feel the inspiration all over again. This was a historical conference weekend. President Monson announced that there was a change in the age of missionary service. Sisters now have the option to serve at 19 yrs. old! and Elder's can go at 18! (WOW) this will be such a huge change. Elder Holland in the press conference afterwards said that the reason for these changes is that the Lord is hastening missionary work. From what i can imagine this will increase the missionary force immensely!
They also announced 2 new temples- one more in AZ and another in PERU! (yay!) The talks were fantastic, and i loved every bit of it!
Go Here if you would like to listen to or read the conference addresses from the 182 general conference.

Also this weekend we went on a fun 4-wheeling trip with the Workman's. Oh how we love them!

(Landon, Emmy, and Camdyn)
(It was beautiful weather, and the colors were fantastic!)
(YES! we saw a moose! right in the South Hills!)

We love spending time with our adorable nieces and nephews. I am pretty sure my heart has never been happier than when Camdyn mastered my name "Emmy". he also says Landon pretty well- he used to call him "DoDo" which was pretty great, but he now calls him "ando", which i think he gets from me always calling him Lando. :). Here's to another GREAT week!

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